30 July 2013

hello tuesday?

hello forgetting to post yesterday

hello to the nesting that's taken over

hello lots of goodwill donations

hello two weeks 'til baby

hello to all sorts of clean baby stuff

hello family coming in town next week

hello two bbq's to attend this weekend!!!

hello to being caught up on laundry - this is a first (probably last - ha)

hello brand-new backyard thanks to eric

hello nice temps for late july

hello to the beginning of august!

hello batman lego dvd - i thought we lost you

hello hazelnut coffee creamer - yum!

hello news bloopers on tv - too funny!

what are you saying hello to this week?

15 July 2013

hello monday

hello monday night

hello day of prego fatigue

hello blastball pizza party at cici's

hello to the end of a fun season

hello to waylon's first trophy

hello last page of scrapbook left

hello new paint color for our front door

hello list-making for diaper & hospital bags

hello purchase of small last-minute items for diaper bag

hello to remembering all of the random things that need to be carried at all times with baby in tow

hello skunk scent outside - barf!

hello completion of the big brother gift

hello preschool registration tomorrow

hello new lego minifigure backpack

hello jolly rancher pops - you're calling my name

hello late night tv reruns

what are you saying hello to today?

08 July 2013

hello monday

hello leftover spaghetti for breakfast

hello to all the house & yard work we got done this weekend

hello clean & detailed car interior

hello last four pages of this scrapbook

hello to cooking again

hello blue kool-aid made by my boys

hello tasty watermelon

hello just a bit more baby organization

hello new texas sign from a friend

hello new booster seat for my big boy

hello 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow

hello to being one week closer to meeting eli

hello humidity - yuck!

hello popsicles in my freezer

hello cute lego friends animal sets

hello clean 4-year olds' room

what are you saying hello to today?

05 July 2013

What I'm Looking Forward To - July

- Air Conditioning
- Taking as many naps as possible
- Checking off activities in Waylon's Passport to Summer Fun
- Doing last minute baby prep
- Enjoying all these baby kicks & punches
- Going to see a movie or two
- Doing the license plate US map puzzle for the boys' bedroom wall
- Finishing Waylon's 4th year scrapbook
- Consigning old, unneeded baby items at Once Upon a Child
- Selling our old entertainment center
- Eating fresh watermelon & pineapple
- Getting my hospital bag, diaper bag & Big Brother gift ready
- Lots of snuggle time with my little one

01 July 2013

hello monday

hello early morning hours

hello cbs this morning

hello to getting caught up on all that dang laundry

hello to watching a friend's daughter this week

hello to a son who is excited to play

hello new scents on my scentsy warmers

hello new, uber difficult puzzle - you are hard to step away from

hello knowing when this little one will be here - august 13th - yay!

hello great deal on a booster seat for my older child

hello to 'older child' sounding surreal

hello to two days of rain in the forecast with barely a drop in sight

hello lots of summer fruits - watermelon, pineapple, cherries, grapes & apples

hello cute, new baby items

hello going through waylon's old baby clothes & the reminiscing that followed

hello nap in my near future

what are you saying hello to today?

25 June 2013

Passport to Summer Fun

Right before preschool ended for the summer, I saw a few of my friends who had put together fun ideas for a "summer bucket list." One has even dubbed it the "Not Bummer Summer" and posts pictures of their fun family times in a Facebook album called NBS. Clever, right? I've seen notebooks, passports, banners, chalkboards and simple, paper lists all with one thing in mind: beating boredom and having as much fun as the summer will allow. I thought I would jump on the bandwagon, too. A lot of the activities can be done throughout the year, but it's fun to have a back-up plan for those long summer days, when it's too hot to go outside or heading out shower-less and in pj's just simply won't do. Ha!

I decided on the notebook/passport format. I found this cute notebook for a couple dollars at Walmart. That, coupled with colorful pens, made a perfect "passport" for us.

I figured having a notebook small enough to fit in my purse would ensure we check off as many activities as possible. Plus, if there are certain activities that require a few supplies, I am reminded of that, while I'm out and about, running errands. Here are a few of the items I listed in Waylon's Passport to Summer Fun:

Go Bowling
Roast Marshmallows
Craft Day
Make Cornstarch Goop
Cloud Watching
See a Movie at the Theater

Feed Ducks
Ice Excavation
Marble Painting
Putt-Putt Golf
Scavenger Hunt
Do Texture Rubbings

We also have a list of local eateries we want to try out, plus his daily work in preschool books and handwriting practice. As much as he protests, after so many minutes of school work, I really want to keep him in the habit of writing and learning, so he's not thrown for a loop when school starts up again. Good luck with that, right? I'm sure his teachers have much less of a hard time getting him to buckle down and do his workbook pages.

So far, we have been successful in checking a few of the items off of our list. We've gone swimming at one of the local pools. We checked out an audio book from the library, that he loved listening to. We have worked on a couple of puzzles together - 1,000 and 500 piece puzzles. I do most of the work, but he surprises me with his puzzle abilities. Waylon and the hubs camped out in his pop-up dino tent in his bedroom, complete with moose pj's, camping-themed books, a battery-operated lantern and a pillow pet to create a starry night on the ceiling of his tent. We've colored more times than I can count, and just last night, Waylon and Eric went on a "flashlight walk," exploring around our house in the dark, while I watered my flower garden. He had a blast! There have been a few other things we've done, but you get the idea. We are doing fun things, some that I never would have thought about, had it not been for doing a bit of research on fun, summer activities for kids. Hello, Pinterest.

Are you and your kids doing something similar? How is it going so far?

24 June 2013

hello monday

hello full-blown summer days

hello to our first visit to the local pool

hello sunscreen and tanning lotion

hello trips to the goodwill donation truck

hello to that great feeling of purging the junk out of our home

hello wedding planning with the bff

hello finding out my c-section date this week

hello checking items off in waylon's passport to summer fun

hello teeny tiny baby sandals

hello beating the heat with my a/c

hello pedicure - i need you

hello eyebrow lady - i need you, too

hello new haircuts for the boy and i

hello new blue flower pot on my porch

hello blastball game tonight

hello end of the season trophy party planning

hello dinner with friends tonight

what are you saying hello to today?