16 January 2012

hello monday

hello to the remembrance & celebration of a great man

hello milk at the grocery store that i must buy today

hello to just enough drizzle last night to make my dog's paws muddy

hello to the invasion of super hero squinkies on my desk

hello rubber duck pirate whom i assume they are fighting

hello piles of laundry on the floor - yes, we are still working on you

hello to the four new sterilite tubs we bought yesterday - oh how helpful you shall be

hello third day of little boy underwear to bed with no accidents - woot!

hello planning for our anniversary in march

hello crazy bedhead after this new haircut - really crazy bedhead, ha!

hello to yet again realizing i need to get my mom her birthday gift for thursday

hello to the fact that my mom lives in tx and i live in tn

hello to that daughter fail, ugh!

hello to wondering if my son singing red solo cup, how i love you, let's have a party - was a sign - haha, yeah right

hello to being thankful there are sites for forgetful daughters like me to order from

what are you saying hello to today?

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