23 January 2012

hello monday

hello sleepless night thanks to the rainstorm

hello waking up with two big dogs, one little boy and a husband in my bed

hello howling wind giving my dog anxiety... really?

hello to sticking with our budget this month - go us

hello mailing out those thank-you cards today... for christmas gifts

hello to all my new itunes downloads

hello lmfao - why can't i get your stupid, sexy song out of my head?

hello pistol annies - you're hell on heels and i love it

hello miranda - baggage claim is an awesome superwoman song

hello to the people still reading this after you know i have pitbull and little richard in my playlist, haha

hello to having a crush on pitbull and ne-yo's voices - weird, right? whatevs, haha

hello to a new subject - time to pause the music

hello dishes in the sink that need to be washed

hello to the last load of clothes to be washed today - yay! can you stay out of my hamper for, like, a month? no? dang...

hello to the young'un trying broccoli and romaine lettuce - whose kid is this?

hello to yogurt and a cookie being the bribe in both - i can't leave that part out

hello to hopefully adding new veggies in this week!

what are you saying hello to this week?

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