30 January 2012

hello monday

hello successful first week of the "chore chart"

hello to my husband - the 3rd time skeeball champion of clarksville

hello to the angry glares of the other adults who were there before him, that he left standing in the dust :)

hello guys with the beards - it's chuck e. cheese - get over your strategies, haha

hello to munching over 800 tickets in one night

hello to being smart and holding onto our tickets from the past five visits - a little over 2000 tickets - woot!

hello t-shirt, velcro catch baseball game, goodie bag pack and of course a lollipop and other junk, haha

hello to a newly washed car thanks to the husband

hello to finally getting the first generation toyota 4runner listed on craigslist

hello man somewhere who wants a fun vehicle and has time to tinker under the hood - we've got your toy right here

hello upgraded truck - i pray you are somewhere in our near future

hello range tomorrow - please be obstacle free so the hubs can shoot expert and get back to work

hello to my son's toys that need to be sorted through and organized

hello hating to get rid of things he has loved on, but really needing the space for new big boy things

hello alphabet bingo game - you were a success

hello mixing a preschool activity with a game - the boy loved it!

what are you saying hello to today?

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